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What is the DANTLE Patten Map Analyzer

This easy-to-apply system applies constant monitoring of each robot motor, always checking its correct operation, increasing manufacturing efficiency, reduced cost, and maximized facility maintenance efficiency.

- Real-time monitored data calculation of measurement value compared with the normal value in accordance with a lifetime of a facility for equipment status check in seconds and minutes.

DANTLE Patten Map Analyzer - full system
DANTLE Patten Map Analyzer - Key Features:
- Sensor's normal value setting in accordance with the equipment's life cycle, normal value and measurement value comparison by the real-time data monitoring.
- Calculation of normal value and standard deviation value in seconds and minutes
- Displayed as a graph of the probability distribution function of the measurement data including standard values
- Alert when the standard value is out of the standard deviation range
Our system designed and developed to provide intuitive user interface. Anyone can directly access/comprehend diagnosed data(symptom) and analyzed result(data) for maintenance plan or preventive maintenance. 

DANTLE Patten Map Analyzer

DANTLE Patten Map Analyzer - GUI shows diagnose data for one cycle of robot operation. 

What is the DANTLE Patten Map GUI

Count Description Remark
1 Wafer display color change based on process status IDLE : YELLOW
2 Displaying operation of each axis by color IDLE : White
3 Real-time vibration value Vibration sensor
4 Real-time current value for axis LodiaTM DAQ
5 Change setting value -
6 Real-time system function

What is the DANTLE Patten Map Export Menu

Using Export menu on S/W,working trend perhour/each axis functional status/vibration data during operation can be measured.
Count Description Remark
1 Select data(period)  All/yesterday/today/last month
2 select .csv file
3 Displaying operating axis(each axis)  If robot operated with specific pattern map in each axis, Idle/moving can be identified.
4 Measure vibration data of the robot  Above picture shows status of normal condition during robot operation.
In case robot is in abnormal condition, system indicate axis data. Pop-up will provide clear data to show which abnormal behavior occurred. 

Installation reference

DFP 8761 12 INCH FULLY AUTOMATIC Girder / Polisher TOOL
Installation Location : Singapore - December 2019 
◆ Terms and Conditions:
1. Delivery terms: 3~4 weeks after PO & product incoming date
2. Payment terms: T/T 30 days after delivery
3. Warranty: 6 month after installation date for repair
4. Validity: 2 years from quotation date

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