PVD Assy Slit Valve Actuator New / Refurbish Service

P/N: 0010-76428: SMG Diagnosis Center offers a full refurbishment service with final test, also available new.
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100% Effective Refurbish Service


The quality is guaranteed by our engineers with more than 25 years of experience, which constantly test and monitor the optimal functioning of our parts to guarantee high quality support.
Refurbishment on 0010-76428 includes:
  • Each unit is disassembled and cleaned.
  • Replacement of all seals (vacuum and pneumatic),
  • Vacuum leak check of bellows,
  • Replacement Pneumatic actuation and sensor tests, 
  • Inspection and cleaning of the entire assembly, including minor blemish repair,
  • Lubrication of actuator with approved parts.
0010-76428 Assy slit valve actuator, 150/200 mm.

Benefits on Refurbishment 

  • Improved design of spare parts
  • Lower-cost parts than OEM parts.
  • Improved equipment performance.
  • Reduced cost of ownership for customers.
  • A large portfolio of proven and qualified spare parts is available.
  • Spare part performance Cost of ownership (direct cost vs. performance improvement)
*We guarantee the best performance and compatibility.
Assy Slit valve actuator on Centura - Applied Materials®.

Functional Test report

Certificate of compliance includes:
  • Vacuum leak check of bellows,
  • Pneumatic actuation and sensor tests,
  • Reactivity test 4 sec. for up and down,
  • General quality control and tuning.
◆ Terms and Conditions:
1. Delivery terms: 1~2 weeks after PO & product incoming date
2. Payment terms: T/T 30 days after delivery
3. Warranty: 6 month after installation date for repair
4. Validity: 2 years from quotation date

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