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Semiconductor manufacturing operations are highly complex. Downtime can be a major challenge, costing a multi-billion dollar fab millions in lost profitability. Even a relatively small breakdown can bring production to a standstill and push the entire schedule back. With high lead times and a 24/7 production schedule, no modern day fab can afford breakdowns.

This is especially critical when it involves an equipment manufacturer located halfway across the globe; it may take days to resolve the issue. Add to that the complexity brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, which restricts free movement — downtime is an event to be avoided at all costs. Typically, a wafer fab with a construction cost of $7 billion would need to recover roughly $4 million per day just to amortize the investment. Any breakdown which brings production to a halt even for a minute is highly undesirable.

The current state of the semiconductor industry is that demand is far outstripping supply. The whiplash effect of global supply chain shortages is causing semi manufacturers to employ drastic new measures to squeeze out efficiencies in production. 
- Preventive maintenance
Based on equipment's operating status, past maintenance, and parts replacement history, we provide preventive maintenance services matched to the customer's needs in order to maintain equipment performance and to ensure stable operation.

- Corrective maintenance
We can shorten the cycle time (processing time) by overhauling or upgrading in order to improve equipment performance and function. We can also update various kinds of software.

- Commissioned analysis
We analyze and evaluate semiconductor processes with advanced techniques that we developed on cutting-edge semiconductor production lines.

- Consultancy service
To maximize equipment usage, we diagnose and analyze the equipment status and provide appropriate advice on how to improve the operating rate and maintain stable operation. We also offer support for boosting the degree of automatization by optimizing the evaluation and inspection list, suggestions for improving equipment function, and support for increasing productivity by ensuring a stable supply of expendable supplies.

- Reduction of environmental load
We offer consultations on reducing various types of environmental load, such as by reducing use of energy and resources as well as by reusing and refurbishing equipment. *The services offered may differ depending on the countries and regions.
Turning to Preventive Maintenance Service
Preventive maintenance and training for maintenance.
Predictive Maintenance then becomes a strategic initiative in a highly complex, automated semiconductor fab. For a semiconductor plant, predictive and preventive maintenance is crucial to the operation. Predictive Maintenance allows process owners and maintenance personnel to proactively detect equipment-related issues before there is a breakdown.

Our company and our engineers are able to donate experience, advice and operating methods to achieve production stability.

Production and schedule adherence are protected, and unplanned stoppages avoided. IEEE published a document in 2015 which set forth guidelines for Predictive Maintenance (PdM) for semi. They stated that PdM capability has migrated from a Proof of Concept/Fault Detection system to a fab-wide solution.

The guidelines included that it should be portable across instances of tool types, and across tool types. The model should be customizable to the fab’s specific needs, taking into account the equipment, existing practices and people.

What this critical finding signifies is that with the rapid adoption of IoT sensors, the advancement in data collection and processing technologies and advanced analytical capabilities brought forward by AI and ML, it is now possible to predict equipment failures with a degree of certainty through PdM modelling and advanced analytical algorithms.

It should be able to scale to incorporate the inherent complexity of a modern automated wafer fab and its operations.

On Site Full Process

SMG Technology Innovations provides on site education, training, and products for the semiconductor industries. We specialize in training for different production areas, with the aim of increasing efficiency and lowering both consumption costs and wastes. 

- Training for process.

Training and preventive maintenance for Amat P5000 CVD-ETCH and CENTURA, AMAT Equipment 150mm, P5000 - 5200 AMAT 200mm, SEZ, SPXX, Endura / DxZ / Producer / HDP / DPS / MxP / CMP, AMAT 300mm CMP / Producer SE, Clusterline - Evatec® and many other equipments.

Through years of experience we have developed a database and knowledge of most equipment for wafers production.

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Our system designed and developed to provide intuitive user interface. Anyone can directly access/comprehend diagnosed data(symptom) and analyzed result(data) for maintenance plan or preventive maintenance. 
PWF-016-S Amat Producer
P5200: CWFM 722 S®

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