SMG supports your production of 6/8" wafer slices with extreme quality and safety, respecting the standards.

Our story and what drives us from day one

Becoming leader in our divisions 
SMG Technology Innovations is a global leader, recognized the world over for our comprehensive supply chain solutions, our custom-tailored engineering services and the most complete offering of solutions for semiconductor fabs in the industry. With operating districts across Europe and USA, plus trusted dealer partners in the best centers. Over 25 years of experience make us highly-specialized in global sales of spare parts in our division. 

Honesty, integrity and trust have been the foundation of our success. We are committed to conducting all our business activities according to the highest ethical standards. Every one of our customers, suppliers and employees knows that we will act in their best interest, with the highest degree of integrity and professionalism.
Today, SMG Technology Innovations has over 50 partners and operates in 12 countries around the world. It is of the utmost importance to us that we operate in full compliance with the laws and regulations of every country in which we do business. We take great pride in meeting all our legal and regulatory obligations to customers, suppliers, and governments.

Let’s work together to ensure that SMG Technology Innovations continues to advance its position as an ethical business leader: for our customers, for our suppliers, and for one another.
SMG differs from other companies for the variety of ad hoc solutions it offers, providing equipment, spare parts and products, developed to solve common problems and needs easily generated during daily production. 
Specially developed for CVD/PVD/CMP Applied Materials® equipments.

Our company offers a variety of spare parts/second source, process solutions for micro-structuring applications, control process to monitor operations, products and services to restore and improve production machinery, dedicated to the 6"/8" wafers production, reducing waste increasing production standards. 
"Human resource Fist of all"
SMG Technology Innovations enhances the human resource not only because it is the first step for future development but also for personal safety facilitating complex operations, making the working area a safe place, increasing speed, decreasing stress, and directly proportional increasing the production speed.

Solid experience represented by our group of Engineers

SMG laboratory operational headquarter concerning each processing and supply operation.
Our passion for high-quality, cutting-edge technology products
your knowledge and our reliability are the foundation of our work.
Customers can rely on us in every aspect of the work-relation:
we help you make the right choices of technically-advanced products and offer an expansive after-sales-service. Our team is always up-to-date with the newest product-developments.

New technology bring us in 2005 to start first step to develop automatic process control for production processes, a combination of control engineering and chemical engineering disciplines that uses industrial control systems to achieve a production level of consistency, economy and safety. Thanks to the experience gained over the years, SMG also supports its customers in the design, realization and integration of systems providing support in the new industrial revolution. Lending a complete and integrate service of products, systems, solutions, industrial software and technologies automation to support the entire process. The benefits of the technologies related to the Industry 4.0 are the increased process efficiency, product quality and as a result a better competitiveness on the market.

These services combined make SMG Technology Innovations the well-trusted partner for several services and supply of many leading companies of the chemical-, petrochemical-, semiconductor-, pharmaceutical, and photovoltaic-industry.
Multiple solutions available 
We manage constant supply during the partnership time, to guarantee production efficiency and quality, offering multiple quantities, especially dedicated to the semiconductor industry.

So you will have the certainty of always having a full warehouse and a company that will answer to your requests with quick solutions and and safe shipments.

Our business solidity will ensure you can decide in advance the purchase of the parties but having the certainty of receiving them on pre-established days and to constantly monitor the location. 

You will have the certainty and security of receiving your part integral and working, without the problem of a return or special updates.
SMG laboratory operational headquarter concerning each processing and supply operation.

Perfect protection is a valuable property

• We use a packing system to eliminate any empty
space which can cause vibration and damage.
• Only better cushion will be used for packing method.
• We use the stickers to notify the carrier to apply prevention
and attention necessary for the transport of the package.
Safety baggage with a dense interior foam.
Industrial Systems
The hydraulic, pneumatic and industrial instruments represent our profession for over 20 years.
We also offer intelligent management systems and IoT solutions, also available for devices such as tablets and smartphones.
Semiconductors Industry
The department of Service, Repair and Spare parts was founded at the same time as the company.
Today we are able to provide specific solutions for specific problems and spare parts for this sector, all with constant updating.
Manufacturing Industry
Our company is the right partner to facilitate your production. SMG will help you from the processing of your product to the logistics to facilitate times, facilitate your staff, solve problems and increase your production.

Global Partners

SMG Technology Innovations is a company and employs experts worldwide with headquarters and manufacturing operations in Europe and USA. Additional sales and service staff are located across Europe and Asia.

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