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We are passionate about customer service. We knows that our customers need high quality support services.
SMG offers scheduled contract and project support at customer site, and remote ad-hoc service for our existing customers.

Refurbish/Repair Equipment FAQ

How does SMG provide spares for warranty support?
SMG has two warehouses stocked with nearly 120,000 line items of spare parts and equipment inventory. Our inventory includes used, refurbished, second source, OPM new and OEM new parts.
What is the SMG warranty? 
Standard warranties are 90 days for remanufactured equipment labor and non-consumable spares. For our own OEM, second source products, and for our repair services the standard warranty is 1 year.
What is the service escalation path?
Our equipment engineering support averages over 15 years of semiconductor experience per engineer to ensure that customers concerns can be addressed quickly and completely.
What is the level of the Engineering group that support SMG provides?
Our company is made up of human resources, as a combined engineer who collaborates, both remotely and on site, selected resources with various skills.
SMG provides advanced support to assist in process development based on the customer’s requirements.
Who are your customers?
SMG has provided systems, spare parts and equipment to customers worldwide including; TI, Freescale (Motorola), NxP, Infineon and Micron.

Semiconductor Spare Parts FAQ

Are your spare parts new, refurbished or used?
Today We carry only a wide variety of new, and second source parts. Our inventory includes, OPM new and OEM new parts. Our spare parts quotes will indicate the part’s condition.
What is your lead time?
Lead times are provided on the quotation, however parts in stock can be shipped within one business day of the purchase order and/or payment, with down support available at no additional charge.

Once ordered the parts will be processed by our partners.

There may be delays in deliveries, due to pandemic - post-pandemic factors and high supply demands due to the large production demand. The requests and orders taken in charge cannot be canceled or refunded during an extra waiting periods.

What is the service escalation path?
Our equipment engineering support averages over 15 years of semiconductor experience per engineer to ensure that customers concerns can be addressed quickly and completely.
Can I have a picture of the part?
We can send you a picture of anything we quote. But many of the items for several reasons cannot be unboxed for a picture.
Do you have a warranty?
For items found to be non-functional, SMG will replace, repair or refund the part(s), at our option, if reported within 10 business days of receipt.
How do we place an order?
All clients are encouraged to submit a Purchase Order via email. New customers must pre-pay their order. We accept all major credit cards, wire transfers, and money orders.

What is your shipping policy?
Customer is responsible for all shipping and handling charges and any duties and taxes.
All equipment is shipped "Ex-Works".
What is your return policy?
Working parts that are returned are subject to a 15% restocking fee. Item must be returned within 30 days of receipt.

Terms, Warranty, and Returns

All orders are subject to acceptance or rejection by SMG Technology Innovations.
No offer, order or contract will be deemed accepted unless and until SMG has accepted such acceptance in writing.
Prices, quotations, specifications, terms and any declarations appearing in the catalogs, brochures, advertisements or other representations of SMG are subject to change without notice. Where applicable, SMG reserves the right to make changes to the design or specifications at any time, without incurring any obligation to provide it on previously purchased items, or to continue providing obsolete items. The weight and dimensions shown in the SMG literature are not guaranteed.

Unless otherwise specified in writing, the prices indicated are based on the production and sale of the quantity and types of products originally listed. Furthermore, guarantees of completion and delivery are subject to revision when orders are modified by the client or acts of God occur. All typographical, stenographic or clerical errors are subject to correction.

The delivery date is our best estimate of the date material that will be shipped from our facility and we assume no responsibility for loss, damage or consequential damage, monetary or otherwise due to delays. Due to the nature of our business, occasional delays related to the acquisition of raw materials are unavoidable.
Terms of payment
With prior approval, orders can be entered with 30 terms.
Each shipment must be considered as a separate and independent transaction and payment must be made accordingly.
When ordering, clearly indicate the preferred shipping method. Unless otherwise indicated, SMG will deliver the material in a company vehicle or a commercial carrier of its choice. When assembling our products, reasonable and appropriate care is taken and we assume no responsibility for delays, breakages or damage after making the delivery in good order to the courier.

All requests must be presented to the courier; however, SMG will happily provide reasonable assistance in submitting complaints to the carrier. In the event that SMG delivers the material in a company vehicle, it is the responsibility of the receiving agent to note any damage or exceptions to the material at the time of delivery. Therefore, the signature on the delivery accompanying note indicates that the material has been delivered in an acceptable and usable manner.
SMG warrants to correct by repair, replacement or refund, at our discretion, any defect in material or workmanship that develops under normal and appropriate conditions within 10 days of receipt or otherwise agreed in writing. All this material must be returned at the expense of the buyer, unless otherwise agreed in writing. We do not assume any expense or liability for repairs or modifications made outside of our facilities. SMG is not responsible for damage caused to instruments, equipment or associated equipment, nor can it be held responsible for monitoring, loss of profit or other special damages.
Express guarantee exclusions
Warranty claims submitted more than 30 days after delivery.
The warranty item shows evidence of tampering.
The warranty item shows evidence of misuse, application or abuse.
The warranty item shows signs of contamination or fouling.
Non-related item not related to repaired, damaged, modified or replaced items during repair.
There are no other warranties or guarantees or responsibilities except as expressly stated.
Rejected Material
No products may be returned without permission in writing, except with prior arrangement.
Any approved return should be sent to our facility accompanied by a document explaining as completely as possible the defects and conditions under which the failure occurred.
Where an order is based on sample approval, such sample's functional characteristics and properties shall take precedence over other forms of specifications for material to be shipped under that order. SMG reserves the right to make changes that do not alter electrical or mechanical functions except if specifically restricted by prior agreement.
Federal excise, state and local taxes, if any, must be added to the prices and will be shown as a separate item upon invoices and quotations shall be borne by the customer. Buyers must supply a proper resale exemption form to be exempt from any taxes.

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