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The EM 9020 series is designed to emulate perfectly any floppy drives and no special software is required. 
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Specially designed to replace drive on systems

EM 9020 Series features: 

• Can emulate all Floppy drives
• 3.5", 5.25" & 8"inch
• Works on all sytems and with all formats
• Easy installation (plug & play)
• 2 years warranty
• Increased M.T.B.F with the use of Ram & Flash

The EM 9020 Series are available in 3.5" with either metalic or plastic casings. It can easily be adapted to any 5.25" or 8" casings depending customer's request. The EM 9020 Series is designed to emulate perfectly any floppy drives and no special software is required.
The quality is guaranteed by our engineers with more than 25 years of experience, which constantly test and monitor the optimal functioning of our parts to guarantee high quality support.
Emulators with SCSI, USB and IDE connections

Data Storage Emulator 50-Pin

Data storage Emulator - HDD Emulator 50-Pin
The EM 9020 X  is SCSI hard disk drive emulator which can emulate all existing SCSI hard disk drive. If your system uses an old SCSI disk drive, you can replace it by our EM 9020 X which uses a SSD to replace your SCSI. With the EM 9020 X, you can replace your SCSI disk with exactly the same features as the old disk, and your systems will not make the difference. You only need to replace your SCSI drive by our emulator to be sure that your data are stored in a safety place.

Our EM 9020 X will have the same name and the same LBA number that your previous disk drive, which is often absolutely necessary for some systems which control the identity of the devices before starting.
Dimension: 146 mm x 101 mm x 25 mm (3.5" standard)
Capacity: 1Mb - 512Gb

• Max. reading speed: 320MB/s
• Max. writing speed: 320MB/s
• estimated write endurance: >80 years (for 10Go write/day)
• estimated read endurance: unlimited
• SCSI 50, 68 or 80 PINS
• Selectable SCSI ID from 0 to 7 (50 PINS mode)
• Selectable SCSI ID from 0 to 15 (68 & 80 PINS mode)
• SCSI RAID CARD compatible

MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure): 2 000 000 hours

SCSI To Floppy Emulator

EM 9040 X can be customized to satisfy the needs of our customers and are already pre-configured & tested before delivery. They are ready to be put into production as soon as you receive the product.

EM 9040 X
has two interfaces:

A USB memory (using a USB to replace the flash card).

USB2.0 interface connector that replaces the 34pins cable, work with : - DOS format 1.44 MB - DOS format 1.2 MB - DOS format 720KB

We have integrated a digital display in our emulators to assist users in managing disks.
Now, with using only one compact flash, you can store up to 99 disks.
SCSI To Floppy Emulator, USB 2.0 Interface.

The EM 9040 X, emulator of a floppy disk drives, is using a CompactFlash card to store data. Access time is faster than a floppy disk and failure risk is lower (no mechanical parts)

SCSI - IDE - SATA Double HDD Backup

SCSI - IDE - SATA Double HDD Backup
Generally, the hard disks save/access data by internal mechanical operation, such as motors and magnetic reader heads that eventually might cause data loss, due to the head and platter consumption or corruption for the long-time accessing.

SMG follows the mirroring RAID 1 disk array technology to develop a series of real-time data backup system. by the Dual hard disk, the data saved on hard disk is real-time backup to the other array member disk, it reduces the risk of system from when single hard disk is damaged and result in data loss.
RAID Functions & Features

Hardware-accelerated RAID 1 (disk mirroring)
Automatic online fast disk data rebuilding
Automatic disk failure detection
Online bad sector recovery and reallocation
Hot swappable hard disks
Disk capacity simulation
Host Interfaces
IDE interface (REQUEST)
SCSI interface (REQUEST)
SATA interface (REQUEST) 

Can fit FLOPPY & 5.25" CD-ROM
Driverless: No OS level drivers required on host side (tool)
LED indicators for disk status
Audible alarm for event alert
Firmware update through RS232
Flexible function selection of IDE interface for master or slave HDD
Dimension: 151 (L) x 102 (W) x 27 (H) mm
Disk Interface
2.5” SATA disk interfaces x 2

Data Backup combo pack, SCSI - IDE - SATA Double HDD Backup + SCSI To Floppy Emulator.
Ideal system to replace SCSI systems.

- 2.5” SATA disk interfaces x 2
◆ Terms and Conditions:
1. Delivery terms: 1~2 weeks after PO & product incoming date
2. Payment terms: T/T 30 days after delivery
3. Warranty: 6 month after installation date for repair
4. Validity: 2 years from quotation date

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