PVD HP / HP+ / HDP Motor Robot Upper/Lover – New/Refurbish/Repair

SMG Diagnosis Center offers a full refurbishment service with final test for 0010-70264, 0010-70263.
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Complete Service

"SMG offers our services to be a cost effective alternative to an OEM while providing improvements that will extend the life of your equipment and reduce or eliminate operational down time."
Our company offers also the full repair service and regeneration of HP / HP+ / HDP Motor Robot on upper/lower assembly.
P/N: 0010-70264, 0010-70263, 0010-75533, 0010-75524, 0240-13274.
The service includes: 
  • Each unit disassembled and cleaned.
  • Magnets replaced,
  • Encoders replaced,
  • Opto sensors replaced,
  • Flags replaced. 
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Edoardo Leonardi
Sales Manager

We take care of your parts

In our laboratory diagnosis center, our engineers will take care of your part with professional experience and methodology of diagnosis problems, weak or damaged pieces will be replaced.
From the reception of the part you will be updated on the completion of the service.
What updates you will receive:
Incoming inspection Report
  • Packing Inspection
  • Product Inspection
  • Incoming Inspection Summary
  • Schedule
Certificate of Compliance - with functional test report.
Inspection Report - first inspection for package and part.
HP Motor Robot in working process.
Certificate of compliance includes:
  • Vacuum leak check of bellows,
  • Pneumatic actuation and sensor tests,
  • General quality control and tuning.
◆ Terms and Conditions:
1. Delivery terms: 2~3 weeks after PO & product incoming date
2. Payment terms: T/T 30 days after delivery
3. Warranty: 6 month after installation date for repair, 1 year for SMG Product
4. Validity: 2 years from quotation date

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