0 H E: ADI 72 S Digital Interface

9 CH - Control Upgrade Monitor.

ADI 72 S 
hmi DIGITAL interface®

Developed for Amat 0 Heat Exchanger.  

This digital interface was designed to monitor simultaneously multiple output Heater Exchanger values:

• Temperature
• Pressure
• Flow
• Resistivity
• Water flow
• Water level
• Heater
• Chill
• Pump

Each monitored value is represented with a led indicator that when working correctly will be green and red if it will be in error. 

This HMI system has several adaptations to help easily users, as clicking on an instrument it will be possible to enlarge it and view data in detail. (Pic. B)
*Will be possible request special options and features. 
Pic. A: CWFM 722 S 8 CH - 2 x Water Flow Control Monitors.
Pic. B: Water Pressure value in detail.
* It will be possible add an output signal for a speaker.
* Each error signal will be showed with a 20 sec. of delay.

  • Technical Data
  • Technical Specifications
  • Dimensions
Display 7” TFT with 16.7M colours
Touchscreen Capacitive
Processor iMX6 Solo
(Cortex A9 @ 800MHz & M4 @227MHz)
Memory 8Gbit DDR3 SDRAM and 16GB SD card
Operating °C
0 to 40°C (32 to 104°F)
* Each technical software specification such as flow range can be configured as required.
Flow Range 0,2 l/min ÷ 30 l/max * Customizable
Supply power 100 ÷ 250 VAL 50/60 Hz 110 W
Temp Range 20 ÷ 90 °C - 68 ÷ 194 °F * Customizable
Press Range 0  ÷ 60 PSI * Customizable
Resistivity 0,2 ÷ 20 MΩ * Customizable
* Each technical software specification such as flow range can be configured as required.
Base 20,8/530 Inches/mm
Depth 13,7/350 Inches/mm
Height 8,6/220 Inches/mm
* Each technical software specification such as flow range can be configured as required.


This control panel will warn the user with a yellow error screen, characterized by a blinking red error, showed after 20 seconds.

SETTINGS: touching the settings page it will be possible to modify the tolerated error intervals, relating to temperature, pressure, water flow and resistivity.

Leds can be found on top of the interface that will activate in case of error, related to:

• Water flow off
• Low water level
• Heater off
• Chill Off
• Pump off

The two symbols in the upper control bar, indicated by LEDs, and an animation that indicates the correct functioning of the pump.
AMAT 0 Digital Interface error blinking window and setting page for AMAT 0 Heat Exchanger.
◆ Terms and Conditions:
1. Delivery terms: 4~5 weeks after PO & product incoming date
2. Payment terms: T/T 30 days after delivery
3. Warranty: 6 month after installation date for repair
4. Validity: 2 years from quotation date

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